Welcome! Here you will find demo reels for my music, screenplays, and information about my various website companies.


Music Producer: As far as music goes, I can write for movies, TV shows, theater plays, software jingles, video games, and sound tracks for rappers and singers.


Screenwriter: Currently, I have two screenplays in preproduction.

  • Players Within (TV Show)-A world beyond the veil that actively interacts in people’s lives for the good or bad. It’s a constant battle between angels, demons, spirits, aliens, and other beings for the welfare or destruction of human souls. Each episode is about the cause and effect of these beings interacting in our lives without us knowing.
  • Enter Mind (Feature Film)-Everything and everyone in life must enter a balanced equilibrium. Events will keep people at their predestined “soul number”.

Business Owner: Website companies I own:

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